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      Top mistakes made by amateur telemarketers

      lead generation mistakes
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      A successful telemarketing approach isn’t something that comes overnight – it’s an acquired skill that is perfected through research, experience, and practise. Simple mistakes in the way you or your sales team approach your prospects can jeopardize your entire lead generation strategy, costing your business a lot more than just a lead. From overlooking the importance of data to unprepared pitches, here are some of the biggest mistakes made by amateur telemarketers.

      Overlooking the importance of research

      The biggest mistake you can make as a telemarketer is failing to prepare before the pitch. And by this, we mean failure to acknowledge the value of data. Telemarketing isn’t about picking up the phone to ring just anyone – before making a call, a professional telemarketer will have carried out significant market research into their next prospect. Who is the main decision maker? What are their pain points? Is the product actually appropriate for their businesses ? Most importantly, good telemarketers will take the time to get to know your business so they can represent your organisation in the best way possible.

      Focusing on quantity over quality

       A failure to get to know your prospects will only lead to one thing  – pitching to the wrong market. It’s all well and good generating leads, but those leads also need to be well qualified. In other words, an effective lead generation strategy will focus on quality, not quantity. Experienced telemarketers will identify your best prospects through market research and set appointments with businesses who actually require your product and/or service so you won’t be wasting time chasing a lead that will never convert.

      Pitching the product over the solution

       The pitch can make or break the success of your lead generation strategy, and this is where many amateur telemarketers meet their downfall. Your best prospects are going to be busy, and no doubt they’re already receiving cold calls on a regular basis from your competitors. So how are you going to ensure your pitch stands out from the crowd? The answer is to make it personable: pitch the solution, not the product. This all stems back to that all-important data. Once you’ve done your market research and identified a prospect’s pain points, explain how the product or service you’re pitching will solve their problems. In other words, explain what’s in it for them.

      The overly aggressive sales pitch

      It’s not just what your pitching that matters, it’s also how you pitch it. Get the tone of your initial approach wrong, and you undermine your entire lead generation strategy. Inexperienced telemarketers often make the mistake of pushing too hard for the sale; whilst this may be the end goal, an overly aggressive pitch is off-putting for businesses, and can undermine the reputation of your entire organisation. With any pitch, your aim should be to build a trusted relationship with your prospects, not to pressure them into a sale.

      Professional telemarketing services in Perth

      When it comes to lead generation, some things are best left to the experts. At Telestar Marketing, our Perth telemarketing team have years of experience and a proven track record of success in B2B lead generation. Our experienced telemarketers take the time to get to know your business, your prospects and your sales goals to ensure we represent your organisation with the utmost professionalism whilst doing what we do best – generating leads.  

      For more information about our lead generation and telemarketing services, contact our Perth telemarketing team today.


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