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      5 reasons why telemarketing is your best lead generation strategy

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      With the introduction of social media platforms and paid per click advertising, there are many different ways for businesses to generate leads in the modern environment. Despite this industry growth, telemarketing remains one of the most effective lead generation strategies in the market. The truth is, there’s no better way to reach your most valuable leads than with the direct marketing approach that telemarketing provides. If you feel lost in the modern world of modern marketing, here’s why you should consider hiring a Perth telemarketer.

      Direct contact with potential leads

      Above all else, one of the most important things that telemarketing can offer over other marketing solutions is direct contact with the prospects that matter most to your business. Whilst an email or social media message can land in anyone’s hands, telemarketing will give you a direct line to the prime decision maker of your target prospect, ensuring you’re speaking to the right person straight away. Since this form of marketing also elicits a direct response from prospects, it has the potential to generate an immediate return on investment, and can be significantly less time-consuming than chasing down leads on alternative platforms – especially if you hire an outbound telemarketer to generate leads on your behalf!

      It’s personable

      With the ongoing evolution of social media, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd of online advertising. As opposed to an automated email or broad social media message, telemarketing provides a more human and flexible approach to lead generation. Providing your business hires a high quality telemarketing team, telemarketers can listen to your prospects and adapt their approach to improve the possibility of generating successful leads for your business.

      Faster feedback

      Whilst it can take significant time to implement, measure and perfect a social media or online marketing strategy, telemarketing provides your business with instant results. By contacting your prospects directly, you can gauge their immediate reactions and adapt your pitch or strategy accordingly. You can use this marketing technique to learn more about your prospects, refine your sales strategy, or to identify any unsuitable contacts for future lead generation campaigns.


      In addition to generating immediate results for your business, telemarketing can present a  cost-effective alternative to other marketing and sales strategies. Whilst marketing methods such as printed advertising can be costly and ineffective, telemarketing holds the potential for an immediate return on investment. By hiring a Perth telemarketer to generate leads on your behalf, you can also cut the costs of hiring and training an in-house sales team.   

      Opportunity for integration

      Whilst telemarketing remains effective as a standalone lead generation strategy, it can also be used to enhance the impact and results of your business’ overall marketing efforts. Telemarketing isn’t always about generating sales – it can also be used to gather valuable data and information to help you better qualify your target prospects before launching targeted social media and direct mail campaigns. By integrating this into your overall marketing and sales strategy, you can benefit from higher response rates, improved results and better qualified leads.

      Hire a Perth telemarketer

      If you’re looking to improve sales, build relationships and generate more leads for your business, the Perth telemarketers at Telestar Marketing have proven experience in generating high quality leads for Australian businesses. For more information about our lead generation services, contact our Perth telemarketers.


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