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      Perfect your pitch: sales strategies to avoid

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      Market research and product knowledge are fundamental aspects of any sales strategy. However, it’s the pitch that can make or break the success of your business’ lead generation campaign. A good pitch will not only help you generate leads, it will also help you build effective relationships with future clients. So how do you avoid being labelled as a generic cold caller? Here are some of the ineffective sales strategies our Perth telemarketers can help you avoid.

      The generic sales pitch

      Converting a prospect into a lead may be the end goal of your sales strategy, but nothing says ‘cold caller’ like a pitch that doesn’t relate to a business’ individual needs. At the end of the day, you won’t get your desired response from a prospect if they think they are simply a sales target. One of the great things about telemarketing is it provides a direct and personable approach to lead generation, so make the most of this by ensuring your pitch is personalised to each business’ specific requirements.

      The unprepared pitch

      Behind every successful pitch is in-depth market research. If you haven’t researched your prospects before you pick up the phone, you can run into a myriad of problems. Firstly, you may be generating unqualified leads. Secondly, you may end up talking to the wrong person. And thirdly, you are unequipped to react to your prospect’s responses. Professional lead generators will get to know your prospects before the pitch to ensure they have identified their needs and the key decision maker within the business so they can tailor conversation accordingly.

      The “it’s all about the product” pitch

      Although it may seem contradictory, pitching shouldn’t just be about the product or service you want to sell. Whilst this may be an important aspect of your lead generation campaign, your prospects don’t just want to know what about the product itself – they want to know how the product will solve their problems and provide their business with the resolution they need. Experienced telemarketers will carry out significant market research into your prospect’s business to identify any pain-points before addressing these during the pitch.

      The templated pitch

      Whilst social media and EDM campaigns are great for raising brand awareness and re-engaging customers, templated emails and online posts don’t always provide the personalised approach you need for lead generation. As opposed to templated posts and pitches that can easily end up in the spam box, telemarketing puts you in direct contact with the people who matter and opens up the opportunity for real conversation with decision makers.

      Hire a professional lead generator

      It’s easy to get your sales strategy wrong without the help of an experienced lead generator. At Telestar Marketing, our award-winning B2B telemarketing team are highly experienced in building business relationships and generating qualified sales leads. Through in-depth market research and expertly-navigated conversations, we can help your business identify and engage prospects to ensure you meet and exceed your sales goals.

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