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      Five steps to successful B2B lead generation

      B2B Lead Generation Strategy
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      A successful B2B lead generation campaign doesn’t just focus on generating leads, it focuses on generating sales. A well-executed lead generation strategy can have a massive impact on your business’ bottom line. However, to transform a conversion into a sale you first need to lay the right foundations with a well-planned sales strategy. Here are five key steps to building a successful B2B lead generation campaign.

      Step One – Do your research

      To position yourself properly within the right target market, you first need to know your customers – and that means carrying out significant market research before you put your B2B lead generation campaign into action. Whether you’re introducing a new product or seeking new sales opportunities, you shouldn’t just pick up the phone to your prospects straight away. Professional B2B lead generators will carry out in-depth research into your competitors, market space and customers to ensure you’re identifying and making the most out of your best sales opportunities.

      Step Two – Prepare your pitch

      Once you or your outbound telemarketing team have identified your best prospects and the key decision maker within their business, the next step to successfully generating a lead is to prepare your pitch accordingly. Understanding a business before you pick up the phone will help you adapt your pitch to their individual needs, showing your prospects that you have their best interests in mind.

      Step Three – Build the right relationships

      Whilst generating leads is an important part of any B2B lead generation strategy (it’s in the name, after all), this shouldn’t be your only focus when contacting prospects. A prospect is more likely to convert into a sale if they have a positive perception of your business and product from the get-go – and this starts with meaningful conversation. An experienced telemarketer won’t rely on a script, they will engage in professional and friendly conversation with your prospects, uncovering and reacting to their needs so they can better pitch your product and increase the potential for conversion.

      Step Four – Identify whether the prospect fits the product

      A successful lead generation campaign isn’t just about generating leads, it’s about generating well qualified leads. One of the most important aspects of B2B lead generation is knowing when a business doesn’t fit the product or service you’re pitching. By setting appointments with authentic leads that suit your product offering, you will improve time efficiency and maximise your sales potential.

      Step Five – Review & Adapt  

      When it comes to your telemarketing campaign, chances are you won’t be pitch perfect your first time round. B2B lead generation is a learning curve; by reviewing and adapting your approach on a regular basis, you can improve the success of your lead generation campaign and better your business’ overall sales strategy. Better yet – hire a Perth telemarketer who has tried, tested and perfected their methods already!

      Hire a lead generation specialist

      Hiring an outsourced telemarketer can save you significant time and money when it comes to your business’ lead generation campaign. At Telestar Marketing, our award-winning telemarketing team are highly experienced in B2B lead generation. Our Perth telemarketers don’t just generate leads – we generate genuine sales qualified leads to meet and surpass your business’ sales goals.

      To discuss how Telestar marketing can assist with your business’ sales strategy, organise a consultation with our B2B telemarketers.


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