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      Back to basics: Why telemarketing is more important than ever in 2018

      Why telemarketing is more important than ever in 2018 - Telestar Marketing
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      The rise of social media and digital platforms has opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities for modern companies looking to reach and engage with their prospects. From online advertising to social media campaigns, there are many different ways in which businesses can reach modern consumers in today’s digital word.

      However, the ‘social media effect’ hasn’t proved all positive for online brands and businesses. With the oversaturation of online content and the often impersonal approach of social media marketing comes a craving for something else on the part of businesses and consumers – a craving for the personal approach. So, how could telemarketing add value to your business in 2018?

      Getting lost in the social crowd

      Whilst the rise of online marketing has opened up a world of opportunities for online businesses in the form of social media marketing and online advertising, it’s also lent itself to the emergence of another, less positive effect – passive consumption. With consumers’ social media feeds becoming oversaturated with sponsored and branded content as more and more businesses adopt this approach, social media users are beginning to passively scroll as opposed to actively engage with online content. But what exactly does this mean for businesses?

      With social media advertising becoming more ineffective as the trend towards passive consumption continues, businesses are struggling to engage with their prospects through mass advertising. Consumers may be reading online content, but they’re not invested enough to make that all-important next step, whether that be signing up to a mailing list or booking a consultation with your company. The same is the case for email marketing campaigns; with so many businesses seeking to reach their prospects online, consumers are becoming less responsive to generic marketing emails, with many left unopened or event sent straight to the trash. In short, businesses are getting lost in the social crowd.

      The alternative approach

      In a time when the ‘mass’ approach of digital media is proving more and more difficult, there can be incredible value in taking your marketing plan back to the basics through a personal approach such as telemarketing. Being able to research, call and instantly engage with your prospects can have a number of benefits for your business.

      • Understanding your customers: Building a relationship with your prospective customers can be incredibly hard when you’re speaking through a computer screen as opposed to in person. With telemarketing, your sales team will be talking to your prospects directly, meaning they can instantly start getting to know each customer and their unique needs. This insight can be fundamental in helping you build a better customer relationship as well as helping your marketing team position your product in the most effective way possible for conversion.
      • Gauging reactions: In addition to helping you better position your business, telemarketing will allow you to instantly gauge your prospects’ reactions, whether negative or positive. This gives your telemarketing team the chance to be more reactive to prospects’ needs, increasing the possibility of conversion.
      • Faster decision making: Refining and optimising a social media campaign can be a incredible lengthy process. After all, it takes time to test new strategies, measure results and adjust your campaign accordingly. With telemarketing, you don’t have to wait to measure results – you know your prospects’ reactions immediately, which means you can make faster decisions when it comes to refining and optimising your campaign.

      Take it back to basics with Telestar Marketing

      If you are feeling lost in the modern world of online marketing, the experienced team at Telestar Marketing can help your business reconnect with your prospects. At Telestar Marketing, our experienced B2B telemarketers are highly experienced in generating leads, sales and appointments for Perth businesses. We use tried, tested and proven methods to help you understand and convert your best prospects into your next customers.

      Want to know more? Contact our Perth telemarketing team today to organise a consultation.


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