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      How telemarketing can help your business

      How telemarketing can help your business - Telestar Marketing
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      Telestar Marketing is one of Australia’s leading telemarketing companies, delivering B2B telemarketing services that help countless businesses achieve their sales targets. Our team of Australia-based telemarketers are experts at starting genuine conversations and finding new sales leads.

      Our clients choose Telestar Marketing because we are leaders in the telemarketing field, and they stay with us because we achieve exceptional results. Each week we make thousands of sales calls and generate millions of dollars worth of new sales opportunities for our clients.


      How can telemarketing help your business?

      Telemarketing is the only form of direct marketing which allows personalised communication with important decision makers in order to understand their needs and present tailored solutions. Our Account Managers work with you to customise your campaign to suit your business and objectives.

      It is a proactive way of teaching potential clients about the products or services that you offer, rather than simply waiting for the phone to ring. With just one phone call, you can acquire new customers, inform existing ones of a current offer or promotion, or simply check that your customers are happy with your service. Telemarketing is a versatile and effective way of boosting your business.


      Our telemarketing services

      Appointment Setting allows us to contact prospective clients, pitch your business and book meetings for your sales team. An appointment setting campaign will save your sales team valuable time. We source the prospects that meet your qualification criteria, therefore presenting more sales opportunities to your sales team.

      Lead Generation builds brand awareness. By presenting your brand to hundreds of key decision makers every week, we bring new prospects into your sales funnel. Our lead generation services will find new sales leads for your sales and marketing teams. These leads are then passed to your team to nurture and convert into customers when ready to buy.

      Telesales allows us to sell your product or service directly over the phone. Outsourcing your telesales function will save you time, money and stress. Our expert agents can act as your outsourced sales team or expand your sales department to handle times of high demand.

      Lead Nurturing ensures leads progress through the sales funnel. By engaging leads at different stages, we proliferate relevant information and strengthen the relationship with buyers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Our expert sales agents can nurture your leads to maximise your sales conversion.


      Connect with expert telemarketers at Telestar Marketing

      At Telestar Marketing, we are passionate about achieving results through building long-lasting relationships with clients. Our Perth-based B2B telemarketers are highly experienced in everything from appointment setting to lead generation. Contact our Perth telemarketers today for individualised sales strategies and services.


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