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      Building Companies

      As a builder, you may think that all you have to do to get more business is to focus on creating properties that appeal to potential buyers: buildings that are safe, functional, and which showcase your skills and craftsmanship. While these are all understandably important, there is another vital way to better connect your buildings and your buyers, and that’s through marketing.

      Most building companies will welcome more business – business that delivers higher profits with ease of management. The best way to attract the attention of customers looking for the exact services you offer is by implementing specific marketing strategies for builders.

      These days, marketing is so much more than just a few well-placed advertisements in a telephone directory, newspaper or magazine. Here at Telestar Marketing  we know that strategic marketing is about developing the best solutions, for  your business.

      You see, to get the best bang for your buck, marketing for builders needs to be focused. You need a plan that will

      • build trust,
      • generate leads now,
      • help to convert those leads quickly, and
      • will form the basis of ongoing relationships and referrals.

      Focus on your clients’ needs

      Does your current marketing place your client’s needs above the interests of your company? Addressing your prospects’ wants and needs is much more successful than focusing on you – on selling your building services. This may seem counterintuitive, but we have shown that by speaking to your customers’ problems rather than promoting yourself will engage them to the point of picking up the phone or emailing you for an appointment.

      This personalised connection with the client will help build business relationships which can transform into future business from your client and potential referrals based on their rave reviews to people they know. Your client will trust you to do what is right for them, and that is invaluable in the construction business.