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      About Us

      Telestar Marketing is a leading Western Australian provider of B2B telemarketing services. We are dedicated to helping your business grow through B2B lead generation, market research, customer surveys and appointment setting services. Our mission is to improve your customer base intelligence and increase your business’ ROI.

      Honesty and integrity are of paramount importance in our dealings with clients. We believe these are fundamental prerequisites for a successful and sustained relationship, and we aim to build our client’s trust in everything we do.

      We’d like to make life a little easier for you. We aim for you to wake up everyday to a calendar full of qualified leads and appointments, rather than working extra hours to produce them. Our B2B telemarketers can help increase your business’ efficiency and improve your bottom line by ensuring you don’t invest time and money in complicated software you’ll never use or training inexperienced sales personnel.

      Backed by powerful marketing technology and proven lead generation processes, our Perth telemarketing team works hard to contact your prospects and set up those all-important appointments. Pardon us if we take “full-service lead generation” a little too seriously – we just really enjoy what we do.

      Take a few minutes to find out how we can help your business. Get a cup of coffee, read about us, or give us a quick call right now to discuss your options.