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      How does your lead generation compare this EOFY?

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      With the end of the financial year fast approaching, now is the time to take stock and reassess your business lead generation strategy.

      With the new financial year lying in wait, it is time to decide which baskets you want to put your eggs in – and telemarketing should not be overlooked.

      While many businesses are solely relying on social media marketing to reach their audience, the key to success is running simultaneous campaigns for a more personalised and comprehensive approach.

      When it comes to appointment setting, populating a database with decision-maker names, or filling seats at an event, no other contact method is more direct or effective.


      What are the benefits of implementing telephone marketing into your campaign strategy?



      • Acquire fast growth at large distances

      Telemarketing can rapidly uncover quality leads due to its personalised nature.

      Our friendly sales team are able to offer your target audience a wide range of options and opportunities to produce an immediate outcome.

      Not only does this allow for a fast response, but it also increases the likelihood of reaching the decision maker.

      While social media is casting a wide net, a telemarketing call uses a direct and personal approach, which is more likely to generate more interest in your product or service


      • Immediate Feedback

      Through cold calling, you can quickly discover constructive and quality feedback on your campaign.

      Instead of relying on quantitative information gathered from Google adwords, email marketing or social media marketing (in the form of clicks, unsubscribes, etc.) our team can pass on qualitative information straight from your potential customers.

      Through direct communication and customer service, our telemarketers can give quick responses regarding their questions and needs.


      • Reconnect with your existing customers

      Through our lead generation services, it is not only easy to discover new customers, but is an excellent way to follow up with your existing ones.

      Keep them interested by talking them through your new offers on products and services and ensure their ongoing satisfaction.


      • Measurable results

      Telemarketing can paint a detailed picture of your campaign’s success, as you are able to analyze, measure and report individual concerns.

      It is also dynamic, as our sales team can adapt to use the techniques they find most effective.


      While both social media marketing and telemarketing offer huge potential separately, however their full power is harnessed when they are used together in a comprehensive strategy.

      The end of the financial year is also a great time for our team to tidy up your data, to maximise your efficiency and start fresh.


      Telestar: The Perth telemarketing specialists

      Telestar Marketing is a Western Australian telemarketing provider, specialising the generation of leads for real estate agents and businesses in the financial sector.

      Our Perth call centre has been operating for over fifteen years and has been instrumental in helping Australian businesses grow through our dedicated and results-driven services.

      Our company was founded with the aim of providing a local B2B telemarketing agency with a strong focus on return on investment, a key ethos we still strive by today.

      Get in touch with the Perth-based telemarketing team today on (08) 6454 0290 or 0404 039 090 to unlock a whole new world of potential in the new financial year.

      Supercharge your campaign with a verified email database

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      When it comes to email marketing, it is easy to get caught up in designing the perfect mail-out or trialling A/B testing to garner the best results.

      It can then become disheartening when your campaign does not yield the results you were looking for.

      While email marketing is a fantastic tool to drive traffic and improve engagement, it is important to ensure your campaign lands in the right inbox.

      What is email verification?

      Verification, or email validation, is the process of verifying the accuracy and quality of the email addresses listed in your database.

      While your information gathering efforts may have produced a sizeable list, it is important to ensure they are legitimate contacts.

      Incorrect emails can filter their way into your mailing list for a number of reasons; a subscriber made a typo, a fake account has been used or the email address is no longer in use.

      What are the benefits of having your email database verified?

      Avoid excess spending on your email marketing campaign

      If you are continually sending campaigns to inactive or email accounts which do not exist, you are essentially throwing your money away.

      While the verification process may shrink your email list, your costs for sending emails and storing data will also decrease.

      Stop bounce-backs

      With a list clear of undeliverable and role-based accounts, you can ensure almost all of your outgoing emails will be delivered to your target market.

      Quality vs Quantity

      While a list of 1000 non-verified email addresses might come across as more impressive, in actual fact having 250 verified and up-to-date contacts is preferable.

      This list will allow for higher customer engagement and more accurate campaign insights, as you can better target your audience’s interests and priorities.

      If the audience finds your targeted emails more relevant to their needs, you are more likely to convert a sale.

      The bottom line: you will be using your resources more efficiently.

      Save your reputation

      Your sender score can be affected depending on how often recipients flag your email as spam, as well as how often your outgoing emails bounce back.

      After the time and effort you have spent creating your campaign, the last place you want your emails landing is in the spam folder.

      A cleaned list will ensure your emails do not bounce back, or land in a role-based inbox. These can be problematic if one person using the shared inbox has signed up to receive your updates, while another might mark it as unwanted spam.

      How do I ensure my mailing list is verified?

      At Telestar Marketing, we understand your time is precious.

      With a stellar reputation for our database cleansing, data verification and data scrubbing services, Telestar Marketing will ensure your data is up-to-date and poised to target prospective customers.

      By outsourcing your data quality services to our experienced team, you can concentrate on other areas of your business, while we improve your efficiency and lower your operating costs.

      Need help fast-tracking your company’s lead generation abilities?

      At Telestar Marketing, our telemarketing Perth team have years of experience and a proven track record of successful B2B lead generation.

      Using market research, customer service surveys and appointment setting services, we can generate quality leads to ensure your business thrives.

      Our Perth call centre will help to unlock potential customers for your product or service across a wide range of industries; including finance, mining and real estate.

      To find out more about our Perth telemarketing solutions, get in touch by calling (08) 6444 1747.

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