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      How telemarketing can help your business - Telestar Marketing

      How telemarketing can help your business

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      Who is Telestar Marketing?

      Telestar Marketing is one of Australia’s leading telemarketing companies, delivering B2B telemarketing services that help countless businesses achieve their sales targets. Our team of Australia-based telemarketers are experts at starting genuine conversations and finding new sales leads.

      Our clients choose Telestar Marketing because we are leaders in the telemarketing field, and they stay with us because we achieve exceptional results. Each week we make thousands of sales calls and generate millions of dollars worth of new sales opportunities for our clients.

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      5 Myths About Telemarketing - Telestar Marketing

      5 of the most common telemarketing myths

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      At the best of times, telemarketing is a misunderstood and negatively stereotyped form of marketing. For many people, it’s synonymous with inconveniently timed phone calls from overly talkative strangers who are attempting to sell you something that you have no interest in. However, B2B telemarketing may be the missing piece in your business’s marketing puzzle. To completely understand the value of telemarketing, it’s important that you debunk any myths you may be holding. Here are five of the most common myths about telemarketing.

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      Benefits of Database Cleansing - Telestar Marketing

      How can database cleansing help your business?

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      As the name suggests, database cleansing is the process of spring cleaning your data. It involves organising your data record, discovering any incorrect or outdated information, and removing or correcting it. While this may seem like a tedious or trivial process, database cleansing is one of the most important parts of data quality management.

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      lead generation mistakes

      Top mistakes made by amateur telemarketers

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      A successful telemarketing approach isn’t something that comes overnight – it’s an acquired skill that is perfected through research, experience, and practise. Simple mistakes in the way you or your sales team approach your prospects can jeopardize your entire lead generation strategy, costing your business a lot more than just a lead. From overlooking the importance of data to unprepared pitches, here are some of the biggest mistakes made by amateur telemarketers.

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