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      Customer Satisfaction

      If your customers don’t understand why they are buying from you, how will you ensure that they keep buying from you ?

      Telestar Marketing is a business to business inside sales company dedicated to providing customized telemarketing services that meet and exceed our clients’ needs. It is far less expensive to retain an existing client than to acquire a new client. For this reason, customer satisfaction surveys are imperative to understanding how to keep your existing clients happy.

      In order to retain a client, a company must ask the following questions:
      •  Why do your customers buy from your company?
      •  What are buying decisions based upon and what is important to your customers?
      •  Are your customer’s needs being met by your current product or service offering?
      •  Are you maximizing the relationships with your current customers?
      •  Are your customers’ expectations being met?

      We ask these questions and provide the in-depth answers needed to help our clients achieve the highest retention rate possible. We help our clients gather the information necessary to grow their business and maintain their competitive edge in the modern marketplace using our telemarketing services.

      Why should you outsource this function? Simply because the customer will be more open in sharing their thoughts, suggestions and feedback with an outside firm than they would be with your employee with whom they have an established relationship.

      A telephone customer survey can provide your business with valid and integral results.  Open-minded questions can be asked to customers via a one – on – one conversation over the the phone. Information can be collected regarding the thought process of your customers in making their buying decisions, and competitive data can be captured regarding your competitors and the authenticity of your company’s differentiating factors in the marketplace.

      KNOWLEDGE IS POWER –  Customer satisfaction surveys can measure opinions, satisfaction, and the attitudes of your customers towards your products.