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      How to choose the right telemarketing company - Telestar Marketing

      How to choose the right telemarketing company

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      Telemarketing is an invaluable way of expanding and nurturing your business. However when it comes to choosing a telemarketing company, there is a lot of choice out there; naturally, this means that not all of them will be the right fit for your business. Finding the right telemarketing company to work with requires careful thought and consideration. After all, you’re not just receiving a service, but you are also choosing the people that will represent your business to potential customers. Here are our top tips on how to choose the right telemarketing company for your business.

      Benefits of unscripted telemarketing - Telestar Marketing

      Say no to the script: Why unscripted telemarketing is best

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      Scripted versus unscripted is an ongoing debate in the telemarketing world. While both have their positives and negatives, at Telestar Marketing, we believe that unscripted telemarketing is the way to go in order to achieve the best results. Here are the main reasons why it’s time to say no to the script and embrace unscripted telemarketing.

      How telemarketing can help your business - Telestar Marketing

      How telemarketing can help your business

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      Telestar Marketing is one of Australia’s leading telemarketing companies, delivering B2B telemarketing services that help countless businesses achieve their sales targets. Our team of Australia-based telemarketers are experts at starting genuine conversations and finding new sales leads.

      5 Myths About Telemarketing - Telestar Marketing

      5 of the most common telemarketing myths

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      At the best of times, telemarketing is a misunderstood and negatively stereotyped form of marketing. For many people, it’s synonymous with inconveniently timed phone calls from overly talkative strangers who are attempting to sell you something that you have no interest in. However, B2B telemarketing may be the missing piece in your business’s marketing puzzle. To completely understand the value of telemarketing, it’s important that you debunk any myths you may be holding. Here are five of the most common myths about telemarketing.

      Benefits of Database Cleansing - Telestar Marketing

      How can database cleansing help your business?

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      As the name suggests, database cleansing is the process of spring cleaning your data. It involves organising your data record, discovering any incorrect or outdated information, and removing or correcting it. While this may seem like a tedious or trivial process, database cleansing is one of the most important parts of data quality management.

      Why telemarketing is more important than ever in 2018 - Telestar Marketing

      Back to basics: Why telemarketing is more important than ever in 2018

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      The rise of social media and digital platforms has opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities for modern companies looking to reach and engage with their prospects. From online advertising to social media campaigns, there are many different ways in which businesses can reach modern consumers in today’s digital word.

      B2B Lead Generation Strategy

      Five steps to successful B2B lead generation

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      A successful B2B lead generation campaign doesn’t just focus on generating leads, it focuses on generating sales. A well-executed lead generation strategy can have a massive impact on your business’ bottom line. However, to transform a conversion into a sale you first need to lay the right foundations with a well-planned sales strategy. Here are five key steps to building a successful B2B lead generation campaign.

      Perth telemarketer - Telestar Perth

      What makes a great telemarketer?

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      When you get it right, telemarketing can be an incredibly effective sales strategy for your business. Get it wrong, and you risk being branded a generic cold caller by your best lead prospects. Talking the talk isn’t always as easy as it seems, which is why hiring the services of a professional Perth telemarketer is one of the best decisions your business can make when it comes to lead generation. So what separates a great telemarketer from a generic cold caller? And what should you look for when hiring a professional telemarketer?

      Lead generation pitch

      Perfect your pitch: sales strategies to avoid

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      Market research and product knowledge are fundamental aspects of any sales strategy. However, it’s the pitch that can make or break the success of your business’ lead generation campaign. A good pitch will not only help you generate leads, it will also help you build effective relationships with future clients. So how do you avoid being labelled as a generic cold caller? Here are some of the ineffective sales strategies our Perth telemarketers can help you avoid.

      Telemarketing results

      5 reasons why telemarketing is your best lead generation strategy

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      With the introduction of social media platforms and paid per click advertising, there are many different ways for businesses to generate leads in the modern environment. Despite this industry growth, telemarketing remains one of the most effective lead generation strategies in the market. The truth is, there’s no better way to reach your most valuable leads than with the direct marketing approach that telemarketing provides. If you feel lost in the modern world of modern marketing, here’s why you should consider hiring a Perth telemarketer.