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      B2B Lead Generation 

      Quality over quantity – our effective approach for B2B Lead Generation. For us, representing your brand, in the upmost professional manner, is of paramount importance.

      It’s reported that 80% of communication is non-verbal. Therefore it is not what you say but how you say it. And that is our specialism.

      Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation is the effective generation of a business interest or enquiry into products or services. In order to successfully achieve this for you we carry out the following tried, tested and proven process:
      1. B2B Marketing Database

      We carry out in-depth market research to identify and evaluate your target market, competition and market trends. This enables us to position your product in the best way possible in the  current market conditions.

      2. Identifying the need for your product or service

      Before our outbound telemarketers pick up the phone on your behalf, we profile the identified decision maker or key influencer. We take the time to understand their pain points and how your business, products or services address these issues. We ensure we are an authority on your business and tailor our conversation for each prospect and each situation.

      3. Preparing the pitch

      Although we are an outbound lead generation company, we do not use scripts. Why? Because scripts sound scripted! Our focus is on having intelligent, professional, friendly conversations that are natural and reactive to the person we are speaking with. Our award winning B2B telemarketing team do this on a daily basis and enjoy the challenge of finding you new sales leads.

      4. Agreeing Reporting & Qualification Criteria

      Before we make the first call, we agree on how you want us to report findings. We will share the database of prospects we have contacted on your behalf and / or provide full call statistics during the campaign as required. We agree the qualification criteria with you in advance to ensure you only receive quality leads that meet your requirements

      5. Pick up the phone

      Our telemarketers constantly monitor performance. We keep in constant contact with you to ensure quality is being maintained, making sure any  issues are quickly addressed.

      So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to find out how we can help you increase your sales and act as your complete outsourced B2B Telestar Marketing partner.