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      Our professional telemarketing company can be a significant support tool in helping your business reach your tradeshow goals. Our experienced telesales staff will make sure you achieve the best ROI (return on investment) out of the money you spend on tradeshows and seminars. Though your ROI is one of the ways to measure your success, you should always consider your additional goals as well. The benefits of a tradeshow or seminar should be monetary, but they can also include branding your product or service and building new relationships and partnerships with other businesses. We can help you achieve these benefits through:

      • Preparation – Making personalized phone contact with prospects and clients before the show to invite them to stop by your exhibits booth.
      • Follow up – Calling after the event to thank your visitors for stopping by your booth and to further qualify purchase intent. Our inside sales experts contact every one of your trade show leads. We follow a tailored script to ensure that your brand and company are well presented. These phone calls enable us to conduct a formal qualification process to capture and prioritize the most viable leads.
      • Qualifying all your leads – We will work together to develop and test a call strategy and script that will ensure the qualified leads have met your specific guidelines before we send them back to you.
      • Scheduling meetings and conference calls – After the lead is qualified, we then work to set up a meeting or conference call between your prospect and a member of your sales organization.
      • Providing comprehensive reporting- These reports will allow you to know where every tradeshow lead stands and which tradeshows are worth attending in the future.
      • Managing leads – Many companies come away from tradeshows with more leads than they can handle. This results in lost sales opportunities. Telestar is the solution to ensuring that you receive the highest ROI on your tradeshow or seminar.

      Our Perth telemarketing centre offers a full range of services that include call strategy development, script writing, data verification and reporting. Our trade show and seminar marketing helps businesses:

      • Increase trade show attendance
      • Effectively use trade shows to generate new business
      • Fill every seat in your next seminar

      We would welcome the opportunity to increase your profitability by reaching more prospects. Get in touch with our telemarketing team to discuss how we can improve the success of your next seminar.